Review of the US Airways Visa Signature Credit Card
("Card issued by Bank of America, N.A. (USA)")

The US Airways Visa Signature credit card was last reviewed on 13th August 2005

Summary - We recommend US Airways® Visa® Signature to the US Airways frequent flyer. The main features of this card are as follows :
  • Earn double miles for any US Airways ticket purchase with the card
  • Get 15,000 bonus miles when you are approved for the card
  • Earn unlimited miles
  • Get a $99 Companion Cetificate good for two guest every year

Let us look at this card in greater detail.

Miles Formula - The US Airways Visa Signature allows you to earn double miles on purchases made directly from US Airways. You earn one mile for every dollar you spend on other purchases. You can earn unlimited miles. You get 15,000 bonus Dividend Miles after your first purchase. You also get a complimentary US Airways Club membership.

Anniversary Bonus - Each year when you renew your card, you will get a $99.00 Companion Certificate that is good for two guest.

Annual Fee and APR - The annual fee for this card is $90.00. You get a 1.9% introductory apr for 6 billing cycles for both purchases and balance transfers. There after, the apr is prime rate plus 9.99%. The average daily balance method (including new purchases) is used to calculate the monthly balance.

Conclusion - The strengths of the US Airways® Visa® Signature are that you can earn double miles, earn unlimited miles and get a $99.00 Companion certificate every year. Making use of this will more than cover the cost of the annual fee. Frequent Flyers of US Airways should consider getting this card to earn faster Dividend Miles.

  • Earn double miles
  • Get a $99.00 Companion Certificate every year
  • Earn unlimited miles

  • High annual fee, though this is offset when you make use of your $99.00 companion certificate that you get every year

US Airways Visa Signature
Miles Formula
Miles per Dollar 1 miles
Miles per Dollar spent for tickets purchases and vacation packages directly from,America West 2 Dividend miles for every dollar
Miles Expiration No, unless account inactive for 3 years
Yearly Limit on Miles you can earn Earn unlimited miles
Bonus Miles 15,000 Miles after first purchase
Anniversary Bonus Miles $99.00 companion certificate good for 2 guest
Up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance
Auto rental insurance
Lost luggage reimbursement
Purchase protection
Extended warranty protection
Various travel and emergency assistance services
Medical referral services
Legal referral services
Lost luggage recovery
Emergency airline ticket replacement
No liability for unauthorized Internet transactions
Optional personal photo on card
Optional Mini Card
See website for additional benefits
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
(APR) Purchase Intro Rate - 1.9% for six billing cycles. Goto rate is a variable risk based rate between Prime + 9.99%
(APR) Balance Transfer Intro Rate - 1.9% for six billing cycles. Goto rate is a variable risk based rate between Prime + 9.99%
(APR) Cash Advance 21.99% Variable * minimum 19.99% . (P + 15.99%)
Finance Configuration Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Annual Fee $90.00
Additional Cardholders $0
Grace Period 20 days (Min)
Late Payment fee $19.00 - less than $100.00
$29.00 - $100 to $1,000
$39.00 - more than $1,000
Over-the-limit fee $35.00
Cash Advance fee 3% min $10.00
Balance Transfer Fee None

*See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure. *Terms and Conditions

Apply for the US Airways® Visa® Signature

If you already have this credit card, we would appreciate if you can take some time to post your review. Our readers will find them very helpful.

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