Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit Applicants

Editor's Choice - Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit Applicants

If you have bad credit, or even have just been discharged from a bankruptcy, we recommend the Orchard Bank Platinum Mastercard. People with bad credit have a wide variety of cards to choose from these days : secured cards, prepaid cards with credit builder, catalog cards. However, while you are building or rebuilding your credit, it is very important to get credit from "mainstream banks" and not "finance companies". Orchard Bank is owned by HSBC Bank, one of the largest and most reputable bank in the world.

When you apply for a Orchard Bank Mastercard, your credit may be assessed and you will be approved of one of the following four credit cards :

  • If you actually have a decent credit, you will be approved for a HSBC Platinum Mastercard with no annual fee and a 0% apr for balance transfers for 12 months.
  • You may also be approved for the Orchard Bank Platinum Mastercard. This card has an annual fee that ranges from $39 to $69 depending on your credit. There is no application fee.
  • Alternatively, you may get the Orchard Bank Gold Mastercard. This one comes with a $79.00 annual fee and a very low application fee of $19.00.
  • If you have no credit, just been discharged from bankruptcy or very bad credit, you will probably be approved for the Orchard Bank Secured Mastercard. This comes with an annual fee of $35.

Because Orchard Bank credit cards are specifically designed for those looking to build or rebuild their credit, you are very likely to approved for any one of these cards. Furthermore, unlike other credit cards that target those with bad credit, you will find that Orchard Bank credit cards have reasonable annual fees and apr.

Other Unsecured Credit Card for People with Bad Credit Applicants

Below is a list of all unsecured credit cards that are designed for people with bad credit. Because they all have different fee structure, we suggest you read our reviews carefully before choosing a suitable card for you. But as we mentioned earlier, our best recommendation is still the Orchard Bank Mastercard.

Orchard Bank Mastercard
  • Great credit card to strengthen your credit
  • Reports to all 3 credit bureaus monthly, which can help improve your credit score
  • Free Online 24-hour Account Access and Bill Pay
  • Periodic credit limit increases
  • Review

    Tribute Mastercard
  • 30 second online response
  • No security deposit
  • <
  • Unsecured Mastercard® Card
  • Review

    First Premier Bank Credit Card
  • Monthly reporting to 4 major credit bureaus.
  • Low APR on purchases.
  • pulaski bank visa

    Purpose Advantage Card
  • No Enrollment Fees
  • Reports to a Major Credit Bureau
  • Approval with an Active Checking account
  • Review

    Imagine Gold Mastercard
  • Bad Credit is OK!
  • Reports to all 3 Credit Bureaus!
  • Credit Line Increases!
  • Review

    Total Visa
  • Instant On-Line Decision
  • Free 24 hour Online Account Access
  • Monthly Reporting to All Major Credit Bureaus
  • Review

    Total Visa
  • Results in seconds
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • No security deposit
  • Credit limit increases
  • No minimum monthly income requirements
  • Review

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