Review of the Citi Thank You Redemptions Network

The Citi Thank You Redemptions Network reward program was last reviewed 13th September 2005

Summary - The Citi Thank You Network is one of the most comprehensive credit card reward programs in the market today. It will appeal to those looking for an all-round reward program that includes both travel and shopping rewards. The reward progam includes the following features :
  • Airline ticket rewards - both domestic and international
  • Hotel rewards with Marriot, Hyatt and the Ritz Carlton
  • Car rentals with Avis and Budget
  • Vacation packages
  • Gift certificates
  • Cash rebates
  • APR reduction
  • Use of points for charity donations
  • Fukfill Your Wish program that allows you to request any rewards that is not in the catalog

Let us look at this reward program in greater detail.

Airline Travel - The ThankYou Redemption Network offers a thorough airline reward option. You get to choose airline tickets to almost any destination, in coach or business. There are no blackout dates. If you wish to fly first class, you can make a request through the "Fulfill Your Wish" progam.

Destination Coach Restricted
Coach Unrestricted
Business Class
Business Class
US Canada and 48 25,000 50,000 60,000 90,000
Hawaii and Alaska 35,000 70,000 75,000 150,000
Mexico and Caribbean 30,000 60,000 120,000
Central America 35,000 60,000
South America 90,000 160,000
Asia 60,000 165,000
South Pacific 100,000
Europe 50,000 165,000
Continental Europe 180,000 300,000
Restrictions Saturday night stay, 14 day advance booking.
Other Travel Rewards Business or Coach class tickets to other destinations can be fulfilled through "Your Wish Fulfilled" request
First Class tickets are also fulfilled through "Your Wish Fulfilled" request

Hotel Travel - The Thank You Redemptions Network lets you redeem certificates with the Marriot, Hyatt Hotels and the Ritz Carlton. The following table is compilation of their hotel reward redemtions from their website. Aside from these 3 hotels, the Thank You Redemptions Network also lets you redeem points for vacation packages, which may involve stays in other hotels and resorts.

Points Hotel Redemption
5,000 $50 certificate for Marriot, Hyatt or Ritz Carlton
10,000 $100 certificate for Marriot, Hyatt or Ritz Carlton
20,000 $200 certificate for Marriot, Hyatt or Ritz carlton

Cruise Travel - You can redeem points for Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruises. For 10,000 points, you get a $100 certificate for either company. For 84,900 points, you get one 3-night Cruise package to the Bahamas or Baja, Mexico.

Car Rental Rewards - The rental companies in the ThankYou Redemption Network are Avis and Budget. You can redeem points for either Avis or Budget Gift Certificates.

Shopping Rewards - The Citi ThankYou Redemption Network has many merchant partners in their program. There too many to mention, but it is a very comprehensive list.

Cash Rebate - With the ThankYou Redemptions Network, you can also redeem points for a reduction in your credit statment. Not exactly cash on hand, but nevertheless still considered a form of cash rebate. The table below summarises the rebate payout percentages.

Points Cash Rebate
3,000 $15 Statement Credit (0.5%)
5,000 $25 Statement Credit (0.5%)
9,000 $50 statement credit (0.5556%)
17,000 $100 statement credit (0.5882%)
30,000 $175 statement credit (0.5833%)
38,000 $250 statement credit (0.6579%)

Lower you interest rate (APR) - You can also use your points to lower your interest rates. The table below highlights how this works. This is the only reward program we know that has this feature.

Points APR reduction
2,500 1 point APR Buydown for 3 months
5,000 1 point APR Buydown for 6 months
7,500 2 point APR Buydown for 6 months
10,000 3 point APR Buydown for 6 months
20,000 3 point APR Buydown for 12 months
30,000 4 point APR Buydown for 12 months

Fulfill Your Wish - If the reward you want is not in the catalog, you can make a request under the Fulfill Your Wish program and the Thank You Redemption Network will do their best to fulfill your request.

Conclusion - The Citi Thank You Redemptions Network is one of the most comprehensive credit card reward programs (only the Membership Rewards from American Express beats it in terms of sheer number of shopping and entertainment rewards). You get a full range of rewards that will suit everyone. It's unique feature is that you can use points to reduce your apr rate. You could also request a reward that is not on thir catalog through their Fulfill Your Wish program.

Best of all, the Citi Thank You Redemptions Network reward program is available in a few of Citi's personal and business credit cards. You can even have a personal and a business credit card with the reward program under your name and combine points. Aside from being a very good reward program, the various Citi cards have different formulas for earning points to cater to different cardholders. Let's explore these cards now.

Citi Cards with ThankYou Redemptions Network Reward Program

citi diamond preferred rewards card
We have awarded the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card Editor's Choice Status. You earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at standalone supermarkets, gas stations and drugstores (more than what most other credit cards pay on so called "everyday purchases"). The ability to earn 5 points for spending on groceries and gasoline is very important. That means all it takes is $5,000 spending in these items and you can get a free airline ticket (for 25,000 points). You also get an excellent balance transfer deal..... Read our review

att universal rewards card
The AT&T Universal Rewards Card has identical features as the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card except that you also earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on AT&T; purchases and also get other AT&T; benefits.

citi premierpass card
The Citi® PremierPass(SM) Card is the most unique travel credit card on the market. You not only earn points for the dollars you spend, but also for the miles you fly. Furthermore, you earn miles you fly if you pay for your companion's ticket. The points you earn from miles are on top the miles you will earn from your frequent flyer program. We highly recommend this card for the frequent traveller and have awarded it Editor's Choice status. The reward program is also based on Citi's ThankYou Redemption Network...Read our review

citi premierpass card
The Citi® PremierPass(SM) Elite Card goes one up better than the regular Premierpass card. You can earn more points in one calender year and more points for every miles you fly (one-for-one versus one-for-three with the regular card). You do have to pay a $75.00 annual fee, but this is easily offset as you can redeem unlimited companion tickets (if your ticket price is above a certain amount - see terms and conditions). You also get a low apr and a good balance transfer deal...Read our review

citi business card
The CitiBusiness® Card with ThankYou Network(SM) allows the small business owner to earn rewards with Citi's ThankYou Redemption Network, which is a comprehensive reward program. Those holding a personal card linked to the ThankYou Network and also combine points when redeeming rewards....Read our review

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