Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) Freedom From Errors - We have made every effort to ensure all information is accurate, but we cannot guarantee or provide any warranty of the accuracy of contents. For credit card reviews, we have highlighted the date of the last review to give an indication of the time which the reviews were done. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in our reviews. You are encouraged to check with the issuers terms and conditions. Compare-apply-credit-card-online.com will not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

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4) No Relation to Company Logos and/or Trademarks - Compare-apply-credit-card-online.com does not claim to have any form of relationship, or ownership to any of the logos, or trademarks of any credit card issuer whose credit cards may be listed throughout the website of compare-apply-credit-card-online.com

5) Warranty / Limitation Disclaimer - You, the website viewer, understand and agree that the use of this website is for use at your own risk. No liability shall be held against compare-apply-credit-card-online.com for any interruption in service, any inaccuracies, lack of reliability, nor does compare-apply-credit-card-online.com warrant against the results of such possible incidences that may cause damages and/or inconveniences to the website viewer. Compare-apply-credit-card-online.com will not be held liable for any possible consequential, or any indirect damages that may be brought upon by the use, or inability to use the website compare-apply-credit-card-online.com.

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