Review of the Starbucks Duetto Card

The Starbucks Duetto Card was last reviewed on 12th June 2005

Conclusion - The Starbucks Duetto Card is a visa card account and a Starbucks card account combined into one card. We recommend the Starbucks Card Duetto Visa® to the regular Starbucks customer who already owns a Duetto Card because they can earn faster Duetto Dollars. The key features of this card are
  • You earn 1% in Starbucks Duetto dollars for every dollar you spend
  • If you sign up for an optional gift subsribtion feature using the Visa account of your Duetto card, you can earn 3% in Duetto Dollars on Gift Subscribtion purchases
  • You earn 3% Duetto Dollars if you sign up for an auto-reload feature, which essentially uses your visa account to reload your Duetto account once your Deutto account falls below a certain threshold
  • Duetto Dollars you earn are automatically loaded into the Duetto card account which you can use at any Starbucks outlet for a hassle-free starbucks purchase
  • You can load additional Deutto Dollars into your card (much like a debit card)
  • There is no annual fee
  • You get charged a 0% apr for both purchaes and balance transfers for 6 billing cycles

Let us look at this card in more detail.

Reward Formula - The Starbucks Duetto Card is actually a visa card and a Starbucks Duetto "debit" card combined into one. You can use the card like a visa card, earn "Duetto Dollars", which are transfered into the Duetto account. You can 1% Duetto Dollars on your visa purchases. If you subscribe to the auto-load serrvice, which automatically loads your Duetto account if it falls below a certain threshold, you can earn 3% Duetto Dollars for every dollar that is "loaded" into your Duetto account. You can join the optional gift subscribtion feature and earn 3% Duetto Dollars each time you make a gift subscribtion purchase.

Annual Fee and APR - The Starbucks Duetto Card has no annual fee. The apr is either prime rate plus 5.99%, 9.99% or 14.99% depending on your credit. The Starbucks card uses the two-cycle average daily balance method (including new purchases) of calculating monthly balances. You also get a 0% apr for six billing cycles on both purchases and balance transfers.

Conclusion - We recommend the Starbucks Card Duetto Visa® to those who already have a Duetto Card as you can now have one card that combines the Duetto card with a visa and earn faster Duetto Dollars.

  • Earn 3% Deutto Dollars if you auto-reload your Duetto card account from your visa card account
  • No annual fee
  • 0% apr offer for six billing cycles for both purchases and balance transfers

  • Uses the two-cycle average daily balance method (including new purchases)

Starbucks Duetto Card
Reward Formula
Point Accumulation Earn 3% Duetto Dollars when you auto-reload your Duetto account from your visa account
Earn 3% Duetto Dollars when you join the gift subscribtion feature and make a gift subscribtion
Earn 1% Duetto Dollars on regular visa purchases
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate 0% fixed APR for 6 billing cycles (purchases and balance transfers)
Annual Fees No annual fee
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 5.99%, 9.99% or 14.99%
Balance Transfer APR Prime Rate plus 5.99%, 9.99% or 14.99%
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 14.74%
Penalty/Default Rate Prime Rate plu 23.99%
Min Finance Charge $1.00
Grace Period 20 days
Balance Calculation Method 2-cycle average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Balance Transfer Fee 3% min $5.00 max $75.00
Convenience checks fee 3% min $5.00 max $75.00
Cash Advance fee 3% min $10.00
Foreign Currency Conversion fee 3%
Over-the-credit-limit fee $35.00
Late Payment fee $15.00 - up to but not including $250.00
$39.00 - more than $250.00

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If you already have this credit card, we would appreciate if you can take some time to post your review. Our readers will find them very helpful.

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