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Metabank is the issuer of BuyRight Prepaid Mastercard, a hybrid prepaid card which is also a catalog card. The Rewards 660 Visa Card is an unsecured credit card designed for those with poor or no credit.

BuyRight Prepaid Mastercard

buyright prepaid card
Every BuyRIGHT prepaid card also comes with a free membership to the BuyRIGHT Marketplace. This free membership gives customers access to a $5,000 credit line that can be used to make purchases through the BuyRIGHT quarterly catalog and on-line at the BuyRIGHT marketplace. The BuyRIGHT website has over 15,000 brand name products available. PLUS, get the added benefit of having your on-time payments reported to two of the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Find out more about the BuyRIGHT Prepaid MasterCard® buyright prepaid mastercard

Rewards 660 Visa Card

Rewards 660 Visa has stopped offering their cards online. As an alternative, we suggest checking out the Orchard Bank MasterCard® orchard bank mastercard. Orchard Bank (which is now part of HSBC Bank) is one of the largest subprime credit card issuers. Depending on their assessment of your credit rating, you will either be approved for a secured or regular unsecured credit card. It has a very reasonable apr of prime rate plus 9.40%. The annual fee is also very reasonable, which ranges from $39.00 to $79.00. You may be charged a one-time processing fee which ranges from $0 (nothing) to $49.00, which is very reasonable compared to other similar cards.

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