Review of the American Express Business Platinum FreedomPass Credit Card

The Business Platinum FreedomPass Credit Card was last reviewed on 14th January 2006.

Summary - The Business Platinum FreedomPass Credit Card is the business credit card version of the Blue Sky credit card. This is a business travel credit card that allows the cardholder to earn reward points which can be used for travel rewards. Unlike other reward credit cards, the FreedomPass Credit Card lets you make your own travel arrangements through whatever means you want. You then redeem points to get dollar credits back into your statement. Hence, you are free to get the best deals and have no restrictions which most other credit card reward program imposes. Let us explore this card in greater detail.

Reward Formula - The Business Platinum FreedomPass credit card lets you earn one point for every dollar you spend on the card. Points can only be redeemed for discounts on "Eligible Travel Purchases". "Eligible Travel Purchases" are purchases on your Card Account at airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators and on-line travel sites that are submitted by a merchant under an appropriate industry code or identifier for the above-listed categories. Points may only be redeemed in 7,500 increments and each 7,500 Points shall be equal to a credit of up to $100.

Allowing cardholders to make their own travel arrangements means that you can get the best deals. Furthermore, you do the face the usual restrictions like having blackout dates, or having to book your tickets 21 days in advance and staying over a Saturday.

You will also get 5,000 points after your first purchase.

Savings at OPEN merchants - Like all American Express business credit cards, the FreedomPass credit card allows cardholders to get discounts and save when they use their card for purchases at partners of OPEN. They include AT&T;, Fedex, Hertz,, USA Today subsriptions and more.

Fees - The Business Platinum FreedomPass credit card has no annual fee. If you transfer a balance during the first six months, you will be charged an apr of 7.99% for the life of the transfer. The apr ranges from prime rate plus 7.99%, 14.99%, 15.99% or 21.99%. The average daily balance method (including new purchase) is used to calculate monthly balance. The grace period given is 25 days, which is slightly better than usual 20 days given by most credit cards. There is also no additional card fees for your employees.

Other Benefits - Like other Amex business credit cards, you get account summary and expense management reports and online managements. You also get purchase and travel insurance for yourself and employees as well.

Conclusion - We recommend the Business Platinum FreedomPassSM Credit Card to the small business owner who would like to make use of reward points earned from their credit card expenditure for travel rewards. The unique thing about FreedomPass rewards is that you can choose to make your own travel arrangements and get the best deal. You also avoid the usual restrictions that most reward programs impose.

  • Earn unlimited reward points
  • Make your own travel arrangements and get the best deal
  • No travel restrictions and blackout dates
  • No annual fees for main cardholder and additional cards

Business Platinum FreedomPass Credit Card
Reward Benefits
Point Accumulation Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend
Get $100 in statement credits when you redeem 7,500 points after your travel purchase
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate 7.99% on balance transfer for life
Annual Fee No annual fee
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 7.99%, 9.99% or .99%
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 14.99%
Penalty/Default Rate APR Prime Rate plus 14.99% or 21.99%
Min Finance Charge $0.50
Grace Period 25 days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Balance Transfer Fee No balance transfer fee during introductory offer
Cash Advance fee 3%, min $5.00
Over-the-credit-limit fee $35.00
Late Payment fee $15.00 - less than $100
$29.00 - between $100.00 to $1000.00
$35.00 - greater than $1000.00

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