Review of First Vineyard Mastercard

The First Vineyard Mastercard was last reviewed on 2nd April 2005

Summary - The First Vineyard Mastercard is one of the most innovative and unique store value card. It has both a cash back reward and a multi-referral feature. For every dollar you spend use from the card, you will earn a 1% cash rebate. You also get a 1% additional cash rebate if you make purchases from First Vineyard Marketplace merchants. In addition, the First Vineyard Mastercard also has a multi-level referral program. If you recommend a card to a friend, you will get $25.00 and also earn commissions whenever that person uses his or her card. You will earn commissions from your referral's and also from their referrals.

Unlike, may prepaid cards, it has very reasonable fees and charges no fees on many routine transactions. Firstly, there is no annual fee. The monthly fee is $6.95, which works out to $83.40 annually. There is a reasonable one-time processing fee of $39.95. There is no transaction (point of sale) fees. This is very important as POS fees can add up very quickly each time you use your card. In addition, there are no fees for direct payroll deposits, money orders or cashiers checks deposit, deposits by Paypal or ACH Direct deposits (many prepaid credit cards impose fees on all of the above mentioned transactions).

You get free online account management, card-to-card transfer, toll-free 24-hour account information line. Another very important feature is that they provide real time spending summary and real-time account detail report, all for free. You can also make bill payments or send money to any bank for a small fee.

You are allowed to spend up to $2,500 a day, transfer up to $2,500 cash into your card a day and also withdraw via ATM up to $500 daily.

The First Vineyard Mastercard is one of the best prepaid credit cards. Not only does it have a cash rebate and multi-referral program, it does not charge any fee for transferring money to your account and also provides real-time account summary and details. The monthly maintanence fee is comparable to fees that are charged for checking accounts (you need a checking account to get a debit or check card from a bank). Prepaid credits cards appeal to those who want to maintain their spending discipline and want the convenience of a credit card, or they appeal to those who do not want to maintain a checking account but want the convenience of a checking card. Those looking for a prepaid card will find the First Vineyard first vineyard to be an excellent choice. Because there is no credit or employment checks, you are almost guaranteed to be approved .

  • Cash Rebate Program
  • Multi-referral program
  • No annual fee
  • Reasonable monthly maintanence fee
  • No point-of-sale transaction fee
  • No fee for money deposits
  • No fees for real-time account summary and reports

  • One-time processing fee

First Vineyard Mastercard
First Vineyard Mastercard Reward and Referral Program
Rebate Formula 1% cash rebate every dollar you spend on purchases
Earn additional cash rebates when you shop online with merchants' who belong to First Vineyard Marketplace network
Referral Program Multi-level Referral Program
Real-time account details and summary
Toll-free 24 hour account information line
Free cash transfer via payroll direct, Money order, cashiers checks, paypal
Annual Fee $No annual fee
Monthly Maintanence Fee $6.95
One-time Processing Fee $39.95
Transaction Fee (Point of Sale) No transaction fee
Foreign Transaction Fee (Point of Sale) $0.50
ATM Withdrwal Fee $2.00 ($500.00 daily limit)
Daily Spending Limit $2,500
Payroll Direct Deposit Fee FREE
Money Order/Cashiers Check Deposit Fee FREE
Paypal Deposit Fee FREE
ACH Direct Deposit Fee FREE

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