Review of Etrade Credit Card

The Etrade Credit Card was last reviewed on : 10th March 2005

Summary - The Etrade Visa Platinum is a basic platinum card that offers a range of a typical visa platinum card. You will get benefits like travel insurance, auto rental insurance, extended warranty protection on purchases using the card and free online access. Etrade Visa Platinum will provide a credit line of up to $20,000, depending on your credit profile.

The Etrade credit card has no annual fee. The APR is low at Prime Rate plus 2.90%. There is no introductory offer though cardholders may get offers from time to time. The Etrade credit card uses the average daily balance method (including new purchase) method to calculate monthly balances. The grace period for purchases is 25 days.

The Etrade credit card is a basic platinum visa card. There is no annual fee and the apr is low. This will appeal to those who just want a basic no annual fee, low apr credit card.

  • No annual fee
  • Low apr
  • Platinum Benefits

  • No rewards

    Etrade Credit Card
    Travel and Insurance Benefits
    Travel Accident Insurance
    Auto rental insurance
    Other Benefits

    Extended Warranty
    Free Online Access
    Cost/Fees/Interest rates
    Introductory rate No introductory APR
    Annual Fees No annual fee
    Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 2.90%
    Balance Transfer APR Prime Rate plus 2.90%
    Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 12.90%
    Late Payment Rate Prime Rate plus 6.90% for first missed payment
    Prime Rate plus 10.90% for second missed payment within 12 months
    Min Finance Charge $0.50
    Grace Period 25 days
    Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
    Cash Advance Fee 3% min $5.00, max $50.00
    Balance Transfer Fee 3% min $5.00, max $50.00
    Over-the-credit-limit fee $29.00
    Late Payment fee $29.00

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