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How the 2 cycle average daily balance method of computing balances afffect your credit card finance charges
Many major credit card issuers use the 2 cycle average daily balance method to calculate your balance. Find out why you may not want to choose such a card if you carry a balance.

How to calculate your real effective interest rate you are paying on your credit card debt?
When you ask anyone what is the interest rate on their credit card, they will just tell you the apr. What many do not realize is that while the apr is used to calculate your monthly or daily periodic rate, it is not the true effective rate you are paying. In fact, the real interest rate you are paying is always higher than the apr. Find out why

How to choose a 0% apr credit card?
If you are thinking of reducing your finance charges and eventually paying down your debt, transferring your balance to a 0% apr credit card is a good idea. But make sure you choose the right credit card. This article explains how.

Should you get an airline credit card or a travel reward credit card?
Many people would like to have an airline credit card because they want to get a free airline ticket with their miles. However, an airline credit card is not for everyone. Find out why.

How to decide between a travel or cash back credit card if you want to get free airline tickets?
You have decided not to get airline credit card, but still want to earn points for a free airline ticket. Should you get a travel reward credit card or a cash back credit card? This article explains how to go about making that decision.

The Secret to Avoiding Credit Card Debt
A few simple rules to avoid getting into credit card debt and troubles.

Tips on choosing travel credit cards

Which Hilton Honors Credit Card should a Hilton Honors frequent guest member get?
Hilton Honors frequent guest members can choose between two main credit cards to earn faster points. American Express has the Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card, whereas Citibank issues the Hilton HHonors Visa® Card. We compare these two cards side by side in this article.

Which Delta Skymiles Credit Card should a Skymiles member get?
American Express is the issuer of Delta Skymiles Credit Card. In addition, Membership Rewards also has Delta Airlines as their partner. We compare these cards and suggest the most appropriate card for the Skymiles member.

Which Continental Airlines credit card should OnePass members get?
Chase is the issuer of Continental Airlines World Mastercard. But in addition to that, OnePass members can also earn miles through other Chase reward credit cards. In addition, Continental Airlines is a partner of Membership Rewards. We look at these various cards and see which ones are the most appropriate for the OnePass member.

What is the difference between the two Citibank American Airlines credit card?
Citibank issues the Citi® Bronz/AAdvantage® and Citi® AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Card. We look at the differences between the two cards so you can decide which is more appropriate.

Cash Back Credit Card Articles

Understanding the different types of cash rebate credit cards
Cash rebate credit cards have one big adavantag over reward credit cards, ie you get cash which you can spend anyway you want. You also do not run the risk of expiring reward points. However, there are many types of cash rebate credit cards. Understanding the different types available is important if you were to choose the most appropriate card for yourself.

A closer that 5% cash back credit cards that pay you 5% rebates
5% cash back credit cards probably give you the best rebates. In this article, we examine what they really are and on what purchases do they pay the 5% rebates.

While cash back credit cards that pay 5% rebates on certain purchases is a great way to earn rebates from your credit card purchases, combining cards can allow you to earn even more rebates. Find out how.

Prepaid Debit Card Articles

How to earn cash rebates with cash back debit cards?
While major credit card issuers design their own cash rebate programs to try to outsmart their competitors, some prepaid credit card issuers have teamed up with AmeriDollars, a cash rebate program which gives prepaid debit cardholders cash rebate when they make purchases at selected merchants. These rebates can go as high as 10%! Find out more about cash back debit cards which has the AmeriDollars cash rebate program.

How to rebuild your credit with prepaid credit cards?
Prepaid credit cards by definition do not extend any credit to cardholders. Hence, most of them to do not report to the credit bureaus. If you wish to rebuild your credit with a prepaid credit card, you need to get the ones with a "credit builder" program. Find out what this is and which cards offer this program.

How to earn money by refering cards to your friends?
To help promote their cards, issuers have turned to cardholders as part of their marketing plan. Some prepaid credit cards pay cardholders who refer their cards to their friends and buddies. In this article, we take a closer look at these cards and their referal payment plans.

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