Credit Card Strategy and Combinations.

There are as many credit card strategies as there are credit cards. This section is not meant to imply that the suggested credit card combinations are the best and the only ones, but to give an idea of the types of strategies commonly used and also to stimulate new credit card combination ideas. We appreciate if you could share your credit card strategy with our readers.

Reward Strategies and combinations

Citibank's ThankYou Redemption Network. There are a few Citibank credit cards that are based off their ThankYou Redemption Network - the Citi Premierpass, Citi Diamond Preferred Card, AT&T; Universal Rewards card. Though the underlying reward is the same, the way points are accumulated are different. This is where the opportunity lies.

citi diamond preferred rewards card
citi premierpass card
Citi Premierpass with Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card. - This makes a great combination for the frequent traveller and high spender. The CitiBusiness® PremierPassSM Card allows you not just to earn points from your purchase, but also from the miles you fly. You also earn points from your companion's miles if you pay for their ticket. Frequent flyers can rack up those points very quicky with this card. The Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card lets you earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on standalone supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations. Use the Premierpass card for air travels. Use the Diamond Preferred Rewards card for "everyday purchases". Just make sure your ThankYou Points are registered under your name.

Discover Card Combinations

discover gas card
discover platinum
Discover Platinum Gas Card with Discover Platinum Card. - The unique feature of Discover cards is that though they are tiered cash rebate cards, you can actually exchange any rebates you earn for up to double the value in gift certificates or gift cards of Discover merchant partners (once you do that, it technically is a reward card). The Discover® Platinum Gas Card pays a 5% cash rebate for the first $1,500 in expenditure and 3% rebate for the next $1,500. Exchange it for gift certificates and you can potentially earn up to 10% "rebate" for gas purchases. The Discover® Platinum Card works the same way. Once your annual expenditure exceeds $3,000, you earn a 1% cash rebates. You can double the value by exchanging them for gift certificates. Hence, the strategy is to use the Discover Gas Card for gas purchases (earn at least 5% rebate) and use the Discover Platinum Card for "other purchases" and exchange your cash rebates for gift certificates. You will end up earning more than the standard 1% rebate (reward) with this card combination.

Cash Rebate Strategies

citi dividend platinum select card
american express blue cash
As mentioned in our Editor's Choice and Cash Rebate credit card page, combining a non-tiered "everyday purchase" and a tiered cash rebate credit card is one way of maximizing total rebates you earn. This combination works because you can earn more than 1% for both "everyday purchases" and other purchases".

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card with Blue Cash from American Express - The American Express Blue Cash is a tiered rabate card but you do not need to carry a balance to earn maximum rebates. Once your annual expenditure exceeds $6,500, you earn 5% rebates on "everyday purchases" and 1.5% on "other purchases". The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card on the other hand has a simple rebate formula that pays a 5% rebate for "everyday purchases". Use the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card for 'everyday purchases". For your first $6,500 in annual spending on the Blue Cash®, use it for "other purchases". Once you have spent $6,500 on your Blue Cash Card, you can continue to charge your "everyday purchases" to the Citi Dividend Card or you can switch and spend everything on the Blue Cash. The Blue Cash allows you to earn rebates of up to $50,000 in annual spending.

Auto Credit Card Strategy

citi drivers edge
Those looking to save money on their next auto purchase should consider combining the Cit Drivers Edge with a dedicated auto credit card. For example, one can combine the GM Card with the Citi® Driver's Edge® Platinum Select® Card. The GM Card lets you earn 5% rebates on ALL purchases which can be used towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle. You can use rebates anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 on one vehicle (depending on the model). The Citi Drivers Edge allows you to use rebates for a vehicle even with another auto credit card and also on top any deals a dealer gives you. You can redeem rebates for either a purchase or lease or a new or used domestic or foreign vehicle. You to earn 1% rebate for every purchase. On the first year, you can earn 6% rebates on standalone purchases at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations. You can use up to $2,500 in rebates for each vehicle. Hence, depending on the GM model you choose, you can save anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. Your spending strategy would be to charge all "everyday purchases" to the Citi Drivers Edge for the first year and all other purchases to the GM Card. After the first year, just keep using both cards until you earn enough rebates that you can use for the GM model you want and unitl you reach $2,500 in rebates for the Citi Card. Best of all, there are no annual fees for both cards. The Citi® Driver's Edge® Platinum Select® Card rebates are valid for 5 years, while the GM Card GM Card rebates are valid for 7 years, giving you enough time to earn those rebates.

Personal and Small business Credit card combination

If you own a small business, combining a business credit card and a personal credit card is a great way to chalk up your reward points. Here are some possible combinations.

Personal and Business Airline Card Combination

delta skymiles credit card
delta skymiles credit card
Gold Delta Skymiles credit card and Gold Delta Skymiles Business Card - You can combine the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express and the Gold Delta Skymiles Business Card to help you earn delta skymiles fast. Both cards allow you to earn double points on Delta Airlines and "everyday purchases". You can earn miles for up to $100,000 in spending for each card. Hence, when combined, you can earn miles for up to $200,000 in spending. Despite the cap, spending on eligibale Delta purchases will still earn miles (at a rate of one mile for every dollar spent) even after you exceed the spending threshold. Both cards have no additional card fee. Give an personal card to your spouse, use both your personal and business card and earn Skymiles real fast.

skypoints business credit card
Skypoints Credit CardThe Skypoints credit card allows you to earn points that can either be converted into Delta Skymiles or to get discounts on Delta or Song airline tickets. The annual fee is also lower than the regular Delta Skymiles credit card. In this respect, Delta Skymiles frequent flyer should consider this card over the regular Delta Skymiles credit card. The small business owner can combine the Skypoints Credit Card from Delta and American Express and the Skypoints Business Credit Card from Delta and American Express.

citi gold aadvantage mastercard
citibusiness aadvantage card
Citi®Gold/ AAdvantage® Mastercard® and CitiBusiness AAdvantage - Small business owners who are frequent flyers of American Airlines should consider combining the Citi Gold / AAdvantage MasterCard and the CitiBusiness®/AAdvantage® Card. The Citi Gold/AAdvantage Mastercard (as with all Citi's AAdvantage personal cards) allows you to earn one mile for every dollar you spend on the card. The business version allows you to earn double miles.

united mileage plus visa
united mileage plus visa
United Airlines Mileage Plus Visa and United Mileage Plus Business Card - Frequentl flyers of United Airlines who are also small business owners can combine United's personal and business cards. Both the Chase United Mileage Plus Signature Visa and the The United Mileage Plus Business Platinum allow cardholders to earn double miles when you make any United Airlines purchase. Combining these two cards allows you to seperate business expense, yet earn miles from your business travels in the same Mileage Plus account.

Personal and Business Reward Program Combination

american express blue cash
american express platinum business card
Blue from American Express® and American Express® Platinum Business Card - Both the Blue from American Express® and the Platinum Business Credit Card from American Express® have the same underlying reward program, the Membership Rewards Option program. This is a slightly watered down version of the full-blowm membership rewards. Both have no annual fee. For the Platinum Business Credit Card, there is no additional card fee for the first two additional cards. You can earn unlimited points with both cards, which do not expire.

citi diamond preferred rewards card
citi business card
Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card with CitiBusiness Card with ThankYou Network - Both cards are based off Citi's ThankYou Redemption Network reward program. With Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card , you earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on "everyday purchases". You can also earn up tp 75,000 points in one calender year. With the CitiBusiness® Card with ThankYou Network(SM), you earn can earn 3 points for certain office supplies, and earn up to 100,000 points a year. Both cards have no annual fee and both have reasonably low aprs. The CitiBusiness Card also has no additional fee.

citi premierpass card
Those who travel a lot and have a small business that requires air travels should consider getting both Citi® PremierPass(SM) Card citi premierpass card and the CitiBusiness® PremierPassSM Card citibusiness premierpass card because you can earn flight points very quickly. Aside from earning points from the dollars you spend, you also earn points from the miles you fly. By combining your spending on your personal and business card, you can rack up those ThankYou points very fast.

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