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The CitiBusiness Card was last reviewed on 28th June 2006

citibusiness card
Summary - The CitiBusiness Card with ThankYou Network is a small business credit card that will appeal to the those would like to have a reward credit card with Citi's ThankYou Redemption Network reward program. This cards allows you to earn 3 points on various business expenses...find out more

Reward Formula - You will earn 3 points for every dollar spent on certain business items like office supplies at standalone stationary outlets and also for business services. (Office supply merchants are defined as stand-alone merchants that primarily sell stationery and office supplies for business consumption. Professional services are defined as stand-alone tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and legal services providers that provide their respective services to businesses. Purchases not eligible to receive the three points include, but are not limited to, purchases made at warehouse clubs, discount stores, department stores and convenience stores. In addition, online, catalog, mail order and telephone purchases are not eligible to receive three ThankYou Points unless the merchants identify the transactions as being made at an office supply, tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, or legal service provider). You earn 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases. You can earn up to 100,000 in one calender year. Reward points expire in 3 years. New cardholders get 10,000 reward points after their first purchase.

Annual Fee and APR - The CitiBusiness Card with ThankYou Network has no annual fee and no additional card fee. Credit limits on additional cards are set by you. Additional cardholders can also earn reward points, which accrues to the business. Cardholders get a 0% apr on balance transfers for 12 months. The apr after that is Prime Rate plus 4.99%.

Other Card benefits

1. Unlimited additional cards for employees with credit limits set by you.

2. Quarterly and annual statements sorted by categories to help manage expense.

3. Online services like online statements, online payments.

4. Small business related articles and advice and even personal business assistant.

Verdict - The CitiBusiness Card with ThankYou Network is a card that will appeal to the small business owner who wants credit card with an all-round reward program. You get a good 0% apr offer on balance transfers and a reasonably low apr. For those who like the ThankYou Redemptions Network reward program, we would recommend this card.

  • 0% apr offer for 12 months for balance transfer
  • No balance transfer fee for introductory apr
  • Low apr
  • No annual fee
  • Comes with a good reward program(ThankYou)

CitiBusiness Card with ThankYou Network
Free Mastercard Business Savings allows cardholders to get discounts from partner merchants
Travel and Insurance Benefits
Up to $1,000,000 Automatic Travel Accident Insurance
Auto Rental Insurance
Travel and Emergency Assistance
Other Benefits
Quarterly and annual report on card activity
Zero liability on unauthorized purchases
Automatic Bill Payment
Download transactions with Quicken, Quickbook and Money
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 12 months from date of balance transfer.
Annual Fees No annual fee
Additional Card Fee No additional card fee
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 4.99%
Balance Transfer APR Prime Rate plus 4.99%
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 14.99%, min of 19.99%
Penalty/Default Rate APR Prime Rate plus 23.99%
Min Finance Charge $0.50
Grace Period 20 days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Balance Transfer Fee 3%, min $5.00, max $50.00
No balance transfer fee for introductory offer
Cash Advance fee 3% min $5.00
Over-the-credit-limit fee $35.00
Late Payment fee $15.00 - up to $100
$29 - $100 up to $1000
$39.00 - $1000 and greater

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