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buyright prepaid card
For those who have damaged credit or no credit, we would recommend getting a secured credit card like the Orchard Bank Secured Mastercard® to start to rebuild or build your credit. With just a $35 annual fee and a $200 security deposit, you can start to rebuild your credit. Furthermore, getting credit from mainstream banks is very important and is something that your future mortgage banker or auto loan officer will look at. Most secured credit cards reports to all three major credit bureaus whereas catalog credit cards report to only one or two. But if the idea of putting a security deposit (as required by a secured credit card) does not appeal to you, then the BuyRight Prepaid Mastercard may be the most cost effective card aside from a secured credit card.

The BuyRIGHT Prepaid MasterCard® is the only hybrid prepaid credit card and a catalog card in the market and offers the best features of both types of cards. As a prepaid debit card, it overcomes the biggest negative point of a pure catalog card, (which is the fact that you can only use the card at a particular merchant) by providing the convenience of a credit card (in this case Mastercard®), atm card and a check card. As a catalog card, every BuyRIGHT prepaid card also comes with a free membership to the BuyRIGHT Marketplace. The BuyRIGHT website has over 15,000 brand name products available. Those who need to build or rebuild their credit can just make purchases through the BuyRight website and their payments will be made to two credit agencies (TransUnion and Innovis).

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Once again, I advice against getting a catalog credit card to build or rebuild your credit. This is because they are several limitations to using them. Firstly, you can only use them at their own "online store" (the BuyRight card is an exception). Secondly, most catalog credit cards report to only one major credit bureau, and which one they report to is not clearly stated at all in their terms and conditions. Thirdly, they are more costly than the best secured credit cards. Lastly, your future mortgage banker would rather see that you have established credit with "mainstream banks" rather than "sub-prime finance companies". Do not be tempted by their intant approval, no credit checks pitch.

Below are a few common catalog credit cards. I would urge you to read our review, where we highlight many fine prints that most people miss.

BuyRight Prepaid Mastercard
  • Click-N-Pay bill payment
  • Free direct deposit
  • On-line money management tools
  • On-time payments reported to two of the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis
  • buyright prepaid card

    All American Gold Card
  • $6,000 Unsecured Gold Credit Line
  • No credit checks or credit turndowns
  • No employment verifications
  • all american gold card

    USA Platinum
  • Unsecured credit line up to $7,500!
  • No employment verifications and No credit checks
  • Reports to a major credit bureau
  • usa platinum credit card

    USA Gold Card
  • Up to $5,000 Unsecured Gold Credit Line
  • No employment verifications and No credit checks
  • Reports to a major credit bureau
  • usa gold card

    Platinum Plus Card
  • $7500 Unsecured Platinum Credit Line
  • No Employment Verifications
  • No Credit Checks or Credit Turndowns
  • Establish credit by reporting to a major credit bureau
  • platinum plus card

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