Cardholders Review of Target Visa Credit Card

Below are cardholders review of the Target Visa Credit Card

Date Posted : 13th June 2005

First Name: Elaine

Which credit card are you reviewing?: Target Visa Card

How long have you had this card?: less than 1 year

Rewards and Benefits: Poor - not happy, looking for a new card perhaps.

Cost and Fees: Poor - high annual fees and/or high apr

Customer Service: poor - poor service, rude, could not get things resolved.

Comments : I've had nothing but problems with this card and with the poor service received because of it. I've always sent my payments in a timely manner. One time, two months ago, they conveniently posted my payment one day later than it was due. This somehow gave them the right to lower my credit limit by $2000.00 and raise my APR - all without informing me. When I questioned the change, the CSR was very rude & condescending. I received terrible service and no resolution. Then, I sent in a large payment a few weeks ago. I sent three times the minimum amount due toward purchases and an extra $581.00 that I wanted applied toward cash advances, since it was at a higher APR,I wanted to pay extra toward it. Of course, this conveniently is "not their policy". I was again, rudely informed by a CSR who condescendingly advised me that no payments are ever applied toward cash advances until the entire balance of purchases is paid in full, even though my cash advance was the first transaction made to this card. She was so rude that I asked to speak to her manager. After quite awhile, a male advised that "the Lion's share" of all payments, even extra payments made, is applied toward purchases & that "a small amount" is applied toward cash advances - he did not know how much. He apologized for the fact that his CSR was giving out false information, but he also was rude & incapable of resolution. I own several cards that offer the option of paying extra toward various charges - even toward the principle. I have obviously already decided that I do not need this Target credit card when my others are so far superior in every way. As for their "point system" - it's worthless. You need to charge thousands of dollars just to get 10% off, one time. Not only am I getting rid of this card, I will also not be shopping at Target again. Walmart has a better selection and better prices anyway.

Would you recommend this card?: No

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