Business Opportunity Prepaid Credit Cards

The world of referal marketing has invaded credit card land with business opportunity prepaid credit cards. These prepaid credit cards not only serve their card purposes, but they also allow cardholders to make some extra income by refering a friend to be a cardholder.

If you want to earn some extra income by refering friends to your credit card, the following business opportunity prepaid credit cards may interest you. We will briefly explore each one in greater detail.

Vaya Prepaid MasterCard®

The Vaya Prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid credit card that allows you to earn $25.00 for each new cardholder that you refer. You can refer unlimited number of friends, which also means you can earn unlimited referal fees. The fees are automatically loaded into your card.

Aside from having the referal fee feature, the Vaya Prepaid Mastercard has one of the most reasonable one-time application and monthly maintanence fee among most prepaid credit cards. The one-time application fee is $49.00 versus $159.00 for most prepaid credit cards. The monthly maintanence fee of $5.95 is also lower than the usual $8.95 found in many debit cards.

The Vaya Prepaid Mastercard has very savvy online account management tools for cardholders. You can even get text alerts and messages each time your card is used. You can also load your card via Western Union.

The only drawback to this card is that it does not have credit builder service, which means it does not report your card activities to the credit bureaus. Hence, you cannot build or rebuild your credit with this card.

First Vinyard

first vineyard
The First Vineyard is a prepaid credit card that has a true multi-level referal plan that will appeal to those looking to get involved network marketing with a credit card product. Let us look at its compensation plan.

With the First Vineyard, you will earn referal fees from the referals you make and also from the dollars they spend on their card. When you first refer a friend and he or she becomes a cardholder, you get $25.00 as a referal fee. You will also earn fees from the dollars they spend on their card. Aside your referrees, you will also earn fees from those above your "compensation tree" . First Vineyard also adds new cardholders into your "compensation tree" so you can earn more.

To qualify for compensation, you first need to get three new cardholders to activate their account. Secondly, you need to achieve a personal group spending volume (PGSV) of $1000. This PGSV includes yourself and two other personal referals who do not yet qualify for compensation. The more personal active referrals you have, the more members of your compensation tree you'll be qualified to receive compensation on. Below are the levels :

  • 3 - 4 personal active referrals = compensation up to level 4 (780 people).
  • 5 - 9 personal active referrals = compensation up to level 5 (3,905 people).
  • 10 - 29 personal active referrals = compensation up to level 6 (19,530 people).
  • 30 - 69 personal active referrals = compensation on levels 2 � 7 (97,650 people).
  • 70 - 100 personal active referrals = compensation on levels 3 � 8 (488,275 people)

For each level you qualify to receive compensation on, you get 7 basis points (or .0007) times the total spending on that level.

Furthermore, First Vineyard has an online store called the First Vineyard Marketplace. When you use your card for purchases here, you will earn cash rebates as well. When you shop online at the FV MarketPlace, a portion of each sale is not only returned to the members, but a portion is placed in the First Vineyard MarketPlace Pool. Each month, the sum is divided evenly among qualifying First Vineyard members. Qualifying is simple: you automatically qualify if your First Vineyard Personal Group had $50 or more group FV MarketPlace spending last month.

The First Vineyard also has very reasonable fees. The one-time processing fee is only $39.95. The monthy mainanence fee is $6.95. Unlike many prepaid credit cards, there is no fee for direct payroll deposit, money or cashiers order, paypal and ACH Direct transfers. It has very good online account management systems which includes Click n Pay, a service that lets you pay any bill via the card.

Those who are serious about earning extra income via referal fees should consider the First Vineyard

Eufora Prepaid Mastercard

The Eufora Prepaid Mastercard has a referal program. Unlike the First Vineyard, you only get paid a referal fee for a direct referal. Hence, this is not a multi-level marketing compensation plan. However, the EuforaTM Prapaid Mastercard® allows you to earn recurring annual income as long as your referal cardholder renews the Eufora card and is in good standing. The compensation plan is highlighted below :

Membership Level Income
Each associate referal
Each associate referal
Each associate referal
Associate Level $20.00
per year
per year
per year
Preferred Level $20.00
per year
per year
per year
Elite Level $20.00
per year
per year
per year

The Eufora Prepaid Mastercard has got three different membership levels. Cardholders at different levels earn different referal fees. Unlike many other prepaid credit cards, the Eufora card also allow cardholders to rebuild their credit via a credit builder program. Cardholders who have no need to use the card to build their credit can enroll at the associate level. Cardholders at the preferred and elite level can enroll in the credit builder program and start to build or rebuild their credit.

The annual fee for the associate, preferred and elite level are $29.95, $59.95 and $99.95 respectively. At both the preferred and elite levels, you can enroll in credit builder, a service which charges a fee and reports this as interest payment to Transunion. The monthly credit builder fee for preferreed and elite level is $6.65 and $10.00 monthly respectively.

Which of these Business Opportunity Prepaid Credit Cards is the most appropriate?

Those who need to build or rebuild their credit and would like to give referal marketing a shot should consider the EuforaTM Prapaid Mastercard®. By enrolling in either the preferred on elite level, you can join the credit builder progam for 12 months. Timely payment of credit builder's fees should help you improve your credit score within 12 months.

If you do not need to build your credit with your prepaid credit card and/or are just interested in a credit card as a multi-level marketing product, then the First Vineyard would be our recommendation. If has a true multi-level marketing compensation scheme that will enable a serious network marketer to make some decent referal fees.

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