Bank First, together with Four Oaks Bank and Trust Company, are the two largest issuers of prepaid cards. These are cards targeted at those with poor or no credit. But even those with good credit can also use a prepaid card. Below is a list of all Bank First cards.

Directory of BankFirst Cards

Eufora Prepaid Mastercard
The Eufora� Prepaid MasterCard® is an all-round prepaid credit card. It can be used to rebuild your credit as it has a credit builder program. You can also earn additional cash by refering the card to your friends. There is also a car sweepstake every month!

First Vineyard Prepaid Mastercard
first vineyard
Enroll in First Vineyards unique cash back and referral program and start earning $25, $50, $75 even hundreds of dollars in compensation every month. Unlike credit card reward programs, anyone can participate regardless of credit history. Just use First Vineyard anywhere MasterCard is accepted and tell your friends and family�it�s that simple. Qualify to earn 1% cash back on your own spending, plus refer others and receive a $25 bonus and compensation on their spending. This makes First Vineyard the most powerful and rewarding incentive card on the market.

Vaya Prepaid Mastercard
vaya prepaid
This is a prepaid debit card that we recommend because it has relatively low fees compared to its peers. Find out more about the Vaya Prepaid MasterCard® or read our review of the Vaya Mastercard.

Wired Plastic
wired plastic
Earn 1 Wired Point� for every $1 spent. Redeem points for prepaid wireless and long distance calls. Add cash instantly at over 50,000 locations and including Western Union�. Eliminate check cashing fees by setting up direct deposit for your paycheck, social security, unemployment check. Pay any bill online or over the phone with Click-n-Pay. Find out more about Wired PlasticTM +Rewards Card

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