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Hi, my name is Nick Lian. I want to tell you the story of how this website came about and why I create this site.

In 2004, I was looking to get a new reward credit card. So I went searching the web for information. Like most guys, I got "into researching credit cards" just like one gets "into researching digital cameras before they buy one!. It was a tedious journey to say the least.

My Credit Card Research

I went to many credit card websites and took down notes, joted down the apr, features of credit cards. Before I knew it a few weeks had passed, but I still had not made up mind as to which card I was going to get. While I was searching the net, I came across other "credit card sites" as well. Going through these sites did not make my life easier as well. Part of the confusion and time that I wasted was due to the fact that most credit card card sites did not actually review cards but simply had the same old "marketing text" which every card issuer seems to use (they all look alike).

However, as I probed further into reward credit cards, I realize that the annual fee or apr was just part of the story. Looking and actually researching the type of rewards was another matter altogether. Some credit card issuers have user friendly websites that lists all the rewards in their reward program on their website. Others like Chase and Discover do not. So how do you really compare all the various reward credit cards if not all credit card issuers list them on their site? You cannot really do it.

Build My Own Site?

Faced with the frustration of and the amount of time I took to do research and find the right credit card for myself, I decided to do my own website and write reviews of credit cards to help consumers make a better informed choice. Most people get their credit cards by simply filling out a form that arrives in the mail. However, you are most likely short changing yourself one way or another because it is highly unlikely you would have chosen the most appropriate card.

There were a few things I wanted my site to have. Firstly, I would have to review as many credit cards as I can. Secondly, I understand that there are many people who would not bother to take the time that I have to search for an appropriate credit card. Hence, I decided to create an Editor's Choice section on my site so that readers can have a quick glance at our best recommendations. I also have forms on every review page so that readers can post their own reviews.

Having grand plans was one thing. Executing my plan was another. In 2004, I did not know anything about building a website, nothing about HTML, absolutely nothing about web design. Being my usual self, I did the necessary research to build my site. I compared many webhosting services, wysiwyg html editors and could not make up my mind as to which tools to choose. I finally stumbled upon Site Build It, a webhost that was a little different than other webhost. While most other webhost list their storage gibabyte capacities and all the usual stuff, this webhost actually provides the usual webhosting capabilities, but also has a complete instruction manual on how to actually build a proper website that can be found in google, yahoo etc. I then realize that with this webshost I did not need any html editors. It had templates and modules where all I really needed to do was to "write my credit card reviews". The rest of the stuff was taken care off. This made my job of creating this site really simple. The instruction manual took months off the learning curve of how to build a good website. I even managed to launch my with the tools provided.I have crossed my first year of newsletter publishing and look forward to writing monthly tips to my subscribers. If you want to create a website about a topic that interest you, I would recommend Site Build It

At present, my site gets visited very frequent and in fact, it is now in the top 1% of all websites (See my site under Finance and Investing).

Future Directions

At this stage, this site is still work in progress. I think there are still over two hundred credit cards to review (possibly much more!). I have recently written hotel frequent guest program reviews and frequent flyer program reviews because I figured that those looking for an airline credit card may find a review of their reward program useful. Another thing that I pride myself on is the fact that I actually have many of the cards that I review. Now, do not get me wrong - I have written hundreds of credit card reviews and cannot possibly have that many credit cards. But each year, I will apply for a new card, acutally use it so I have better insights. As a quick history of my credit cards, my longest card that I have and still do is the American Express� Preferred Rewards Gold Card. I like the membership rewards program and would recommend this card anytime. In 2005, I decided to get the Blue Cash� from American Express because I though highly of the card and actually recommend it to my readers. I have been happy with it and as of "my calender year", I have earned over five hundred dollars in cash rebates. Early in 2006, I got the Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa� Card. The reason I got it was because Chase has stopped publishing on their website the type of rewards rewards available in their reward program. I figured that I'd better get a Chase reward card so that I can write a proper review! I will be writing a full in-depth review of Chase reward programs soon. I am planning on redesigning the site layout, having a forum and many other stuff.

I hope you enjoy the site and please do a credit card review if you can because this will really help our readers make even better informed decisions

Enjoy this site
Nick Lian


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