Review of Chase Subaru Mastercard

The Chase Subaru Mastecard was last reviewed on 11th December 2005

Reward Formula - The Chase Subaru Mastercard pays three Subaru Bucks for every dollar you spend on your card for ANY purchase. (ie 3% rebate payout). You will get $100 worth of reward coupon once you have accumulated 100 SubaruBucks. You can earn up to 500 SubaruBucks in one calender year. That means you will earn rebates for spending up to $16,667. The reward coupons are redeemable for parts, service, or the purchase or lease of a brand new Subaru vehicle at any authorized Subaru dealership located in the continental United States, including Alaska.

Annual Fee and APR - The Chase Subaru Mastercard has no annual fee. The apr prime rate plus 7.99%, 9.99% or 14.99%. You get an introductory 0% apr on balance transfer and balance transfer checks for nine months from the date of account opening. You have to pay a balance transfer fee during the introductory period. The Chase Subaru Mastercard uses the two-cycle average daily balance method (including new purchases) to calculate your monthly balance.

Summary - The Chase Subaru Mastercard will make a good additional credit card for the Subaru or potential Subaru owner as it allows him/her to use rebate coupons for Subaru parts and services and also buy or lease a new Subaru vehicle. The key positive point of the Chase Subaru credit card is that you earn a 3% rebate for ALL purchases. The negative point about this card is that because you are only allowed to earn $500 in rebates in one calender, it means you will only earn rebates on up to $16,667 in annual spending on the card.

Auto Credit Card Combinations/Alternatives - If you are serious about using reward points for auto purchases, you can supplement your existing Chase Subaru Mastercard or any auto credit card with the Citi® Driver's Edge® Platinum Select® Card . This credit card allows you to redeem rebates/points for the purchase or lease of a new or used, domestic or foreign vehicle, routine services, repairs, and maintenance. You can use these services on top of any auto credit card or deals you get.

  • Earn 3% rebate on ALL purchases
  • No annual fee

  • Can earn only up to $500 reward coupons (implies you can only earn rewards for up to $16,667 in annual spending

Chase Subaru Mastercard
Reward Benefits
Rebate Percentages Earn 3% Subarubucks rewards on all Subaru purchases
Caps on Points Up to 500 Subarubucks a year
Travel and Insurance Benefits
Auto Rental Insurance
Other Benefits
Purchase protection plan
24 hour customer service
Online account access
Chase Bill Management Center
Credit Line increases
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for first 9 months
Annual Fee No annual fee
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 7.99% for Elite Pricing
Prime Rate plus 9.99% for Premium Pricing
Prime Rate plus 14.99% for Standard Pricing
Balance Transfer APR Prime Rate plus 7.99% for Elite Pricing
Prime Rate plus 9.99% for Premium Pricing
Prime Rate plus 14.99% for Standard Pricing
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 15.99%
min is 19.99% for Elite and Premium Pricing
min is 23.99% for Standard Pricing
Penalty/Default Rate APR Prime Rate plus 23.99%
Min Finance Charge $1.00
Grace Period 20 days
Balance Calculation Method Two cycle average daily balance (including new purchases)
Balance Transfer Fee 3%, max $75.00
Cash Advance fee 3% min $10.00
Foreign Currency Conversion fee 3%
Over-the-credit-limit fee $35.00
Late Payment fee $15.00 - up to $250
$39.00 - greater than $250

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