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July 3, 2005 01:06 - Changes to Discover Cards

Discover has made some changes to some of their cards. Below are highlights of a few major changes.

Lower Default Rate

The default rate has been lowered to either prime rate plus 10.99%, 15.99% or 19.99%. Previously, it was prime rate plus either 16.99%, 21.99% or 25.99%.

Discover Miles Card does away with annual fee and lowers its apr

The Discover® Miles Card has done away with its annual fee of $29.00. There is now no annual fee. The apr is also lower at prime rate plus between 3.99% to 10.99%. Furthermore, the 0% apr for 10 months now apply to both purchases and balance transfers.

Discover Titanium Card lowers its APR

The Discover® Titanium Card discover titanium card has reduced its apr to prime rate plus 3.99% from 4+%.

Discover Platinum Cards increase the period of 0% apr balance transfers to 10 months

All Discover® Platinum Card discover platinum cards have increased the introductory period of the 0% apr on balance transfers from 6 months to 10 months. This applies to all Discover Platinum Card, including the Discover® Platinum American Flag Card discover american flag card, the Discover® Platinum Card Wildlife Collection discover platinu wildlife collection and the Discover® Platinum Clear Card discover platinum clear card.

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July 30, 2005 21:48 - Review of Mexicana Airlines Visa Platinum
("Card issued by Bank of America, N.A. (USA)")

Bank of American has just introduced the Mexicana® Airlines Visa® Platinum. Mexicana Airlines frequent flyers who are members of their Frecuenta Loyalty Program can now get a credit card that will allow them to earn faster miles.

With this card, you can earn double miles, unlimited miles. In addition, you get a $99.00 companion ticket coupon each year. If you use it, it will more than offset the already reasonable annual fee.

We have written a review of the Mexicana Airlines Visa Platinum. See what we have to say about this card. (Read Article)

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