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A look at Citi's ThankYou Redemption Network Reward Program

Being one of the largest credit card issuers, Citi have developed their own reward program called the ThankYou Redemptions Network. This reward program is available through a few Citicards.
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It is an all-round reward program consisting of both travel and shopping rewards. It even allows cardholders to exchange points for a lower apr!

In this report, we examine more closely the reward program and see how it stacks up.

Read our review of the ThankYou Redemptions Network
NEW - Review of the American Express Membership Rewards

The American Express Membership Rewards is one of the first credit card programs, along with the Diners Club reward program. Till this day, it is perhaps the most comprehensive reward program available today.

Having been a American Express Gold Card member for eleven years, I fully appreciate the excellent customer service and travel rewards (which I frequently redeem points for). What surprised me as I looked through the program was the sheer number of entertainment, shopping, and other rewards that the Membership Rewards have.

Read our review of the American Express Membership Rewards


Which credit card allows you to earn the fastest Airline Ticket?

Which reward credit card allows you to earn the fastest points when you fly?

Even if you are an elite member of an airline frequent flyer program, the Citi Premierpass Card will allow you to earn faster points than any regular airline credit card. Th reason is that not only does it let you earn reward points on the dollars you spend on your credit card, it also allows you to earn points on the miles you fly. You can even earn points if you pay your companion's airline ticket with the card. The key thing is that you earn more points from the miles you fly than most ticket cost.

Read our review of the Citi Premierpass Card here.

Low Rate Cards using the average daily balance method for calculating monthly balances
When looking for a low interest credit card, one of the key things to look out for is what method of calculations is the card using to compute your monthy balance. Many cards are now using the 2-cycle average daily balance method. For those who occasionally spend a lot, or looking to gradually reduce credit card debt, the 2-cycle method may end up leaving you with a higher monthly balance. Therefore, one should preferably choose a low apr credit card which uses the average daily balance method. We have compiled a list of low interest rate credit cards which uses the average daily balance method. See our list of cards using the average daily balance method with the best credit card rate

Earn Cash Rebates with a Prepaid Debit Card
The number of prepaid credit cards has increased and so has their variety. There are even prepaid credit cards offering cash rebate program. But unlike regular card issuers who have their own reward program, prepaid debit cards have outsourced the cash rebate program to AmeriDollars. In this article, we examine the AmeriDollars Cash Rebate Program and Cash Back Debit Cards.

Rebuild your credit with prepaid debit cards
Some prepaid debit cards allow cardholders to build or rebuild their credit. If you are looking for such a card, you need to find one with a credit builder service. In this article, we look at what is this "credit builder" service and compare prepaid credit cards with this feature. Read our report on Prepaid Credit Cards with Credit Builder

Which Hilton Honors Credit Card should you get? Amex or Visa?
There are two Hilton HHonors Credit Card available to Hilton HHonors frequent guest program members who want to earn more points through a Hilton HHonors credit card. American Express offers one card and Citibank also offers a Visa card. We compare them side-by-side,highlighting their similarities and differences. Compare the two Hilton HHonors Credit Cards.

A credit card that pays down your Mortgage Principal?
Citibank has come up with a credit card that allows you to earn rebates that is automatically used to pay your mortgage principal every month - the Citi Home Rebate Platinum Select Card. If you want to pay off your mortgage faster through regular payments made towards the principal, then this may be the credit card for you. Read our review of the Citi Home Rebate Platinum Select Card

Which credit card allows you to skip up to 2 payments in a calender year if you have cash flow problems?
If you are a union member, you should definitely consider getting the Union Plus credit card if you do not hve one already. This is the only card that allows you to skip 2 payments within 12 months. Furthermore, you are also allowed to skip up to 4 payments within 12 months if you go on a union approved strike or are involved in a lockout for more than 30 days. Read our review of the Union Plus Credit Card

How to use a credit card to save for your kids' college?
529 College Savings plans is one of the tax-advantage ways to save for one's kids' college education. There are a few 529 programs that make it even easier to save by giving rebates on many items that you purchase. The Upromise 529 College Savings plan is on of these program. They have also partnered with Citibank and came up with a Citi Upromise Cards, which let's you earn rebates (as high as 10% on grocery itmes) on many items and partner merchants. These rebates are automatically credited to the college savings plans every month. Find out more about the Citi® Upromise® Card